Vegas is a city of extremes: where both ends of the spectrum exist simultaneously. Our proposal for a tower in Las Vegas combines housing and fitness to address the lack of ‘extreme’ health as a counterpoint to the market of extreme consumption in the city.

Exertion housing takes extreme measures: it combines the advantages of height (views and iconism) and technology to create an urban environment that challenges the way we think of healthy living. It absorbs the suburbanite’s desire for access to views, air and activity into an urban context.

From the project’s object form grew two ‘active forms,’ ideas that have the potential to travel beyond the building. The first, ‘Emotipix,’ is a three-part interactive facade system that promotes emotional and physical health while working as a source of funding for a self-sustaining building. The second is “DNA 2.0,” a module for healthy living that can be re-aggregated and recombined with a variety of programs.

With Amy Kessler.